Community engagement incentivised through rewards

Usher is a rewards protocol, simplifying the allocation of cryptocurrency rewards to wallets when specific actions are engaged throughout your user-journey.
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Reward partners

Partner programs allow brands to expand their growth initiative through a network of people who are incentivised to drive sales, engagement, staking, swaps and more. Performance-based partnerships ensure incentives are distributed proportional to partners’ efforts. Usher delivers open performance-based partnerships for Web3 brands through a multi-chain compatible rewards platform. The result is a simple, familiar and trustless engagement between brands growing their Web3 project and partners earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Partner incentives can drive action in nearly all Web3 verticals

NFTs (Art, Fashion)

Reward referrals to your NFT Collection.

Web3 Infrastructure
(Blockchains / Protocols)

Incentivise invites for wallets to submit transactions.

Digital Wallets

Increase installations, funds and transactions associated to your technology.

Decentralised Finance

Reward for referrals to your dApp or Crypto Protocol when users swap, stake (or anything else).


Commission partners for selling and promoting tickets to virtual events, or digital real-estate.


Share rewards with affiliates that grow gaming economies or establish promotional partnerships where rewards are distributed based on generated impressions.

Reward users

Drive community engagement by rewarding your end-users with cryptocurrency for taking specific actions in your dApp or engaging with public Smart Contracts.

These actions are defined by you through a suite of configurations that can be applied to your campaigns.

Reward Tweets and other Social Actions

Reward Mobile App installations

Reward In-Game and Metaverse engagement

the outcome

Determine the outcome

Affiliate Programs

Elevate your community to an affiliate network.

Bounty Programs

Incentivise action throughout your user experience.

Referral Programs

Combine affiliate rewards and end-user rewards to enable a rich referral experience where incentives are shared between both parties engaging your platform.


Drive Smart Contract and Web3 infrastructure usage by allocating tokens to wallets that have been invited to use your technology, and then actually use it.

Starting a Campaign

Invite Links
Choose whether to attribute rewards to the use of Unique Invite Links.
Decide whether to reward users who share an Invite link, use an Invite link, both, or directly reward specific wallet addresses all in a gas-free user experience.
Configure your campaign to include one or more events at which rewards are allocated. Events can be triggered within a dApp, or tied to Blockchain/Smart Contract events.
Determine the reward token, the flat or percentage-based reward rate, and reward type — whether it be a cryptocurrency or NFT, and even set a limit to the amount of rewards users can claim.
Prevent mass-user attacks and fraud on your reward programs with biometric sybil resistance and bot prevention mechanisms.

❤️ from the internet of value

“Usher is an interesting solution for a win-win relationship between users and community builders on the Permaweb.”

Axel @cromatikap


“We’re excited about Usher and how it aligns community members’ incentives with onboarding new users into the permaweb through a clever ecosystem-native mechanism.”

Tate Berenbaum


“A token referral solution is the logical next step for the network already home to Web3’s strongest communities.”

Brennan Lamey


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