The referral plugin for web3.

Perfomance-based Partnerships with a few lines of code.

Made for builders.

Integrate Usher into your dApp and grow your community with an incentivized referral network for the Permaweb and beyond.
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“A token referral solution is the logical next step for the network already home to Web3's strongest communities.”
Brennan Lamey
“We're excited about Usher and how it aligns community members' incentives with onboarding new users into the permaweb through a clever ecosystem-native mechanism.”
Tate Berenbaum
“Usher is an interesting solution for a win-win relationship between users and community builders on the Permaweb.”
Axel @cromatikap

The builder flow visualized.

A simple code snippet that unlocks growth of your dApp.
Customize for success and conversion

You can add the Usher snippet wherever you want in your dApp. You decide what a conversion means.

Sybil resistance to ensure quality

We know your tokens are valuable - each signup must pass a quality screening for Sybil resistance.

The affiliate flow visualized.

The incentivized and Arweave-based growth mechanism.

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Made for community amplifiers on Arweave and beyond.
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