Secure bespoke inter-system data protocols

A “data protocol” refers to a set of rules and conventions that govern how data is formatted, transmitted, stored, and received between devices, systems, blockchains, or applications.

Usher Labs is developing a platform to enable developers to build secure data protocols that trustlessly and agnostically integrate disparate blockchains and systems.

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The Log Store Network

Stream bespoke data to, and query from a decentralised and verifiably tamper-proof time-series database.

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Asset Manager

Protocol for cross-chain liquidity aggregation and data-driven asset management powered by the Internet Computer.

A guide to the platform

Any event from any software environment can be transmitted over the Streamr Network. A series of events form a tamper-proof data stream, the foundation of a data protocol.

The Log Store Network can automatically store data streams permanently allowing data to be verifiably queried by time from a user application — such as an Oracle-enabled Smart Contract. Verifiable immutability secures data streams for use in trustless data protocols.

Node Operators can be invited from the Community to participate in producing data streams that confirm something about the real world, such as market prices of commodities and real estate or events occurring across disparate blockchains and systems.

Ingest confirmation streams on-chain to draw consensus on just about anything.

With the inter-system data protocol ready, it can power cross-chain messaging, real-world data-driven token derivatives, or even non-custodial & cross-chain asset management.