Decentralised & Permanent Log Storage

A network of nodes dedicated to storing your logs permanently on Arweave.

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Decentralised Event Storage

Turn real-time data streams from mobile, web, and centralised servers into a stored & queryable dataset.

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Determine which Streamr streams to permanently store and stake cryptocurrency to fund storage costs. Each node on the network will listen to your data streams and draw consensus on the stored event log.


Usher storage nodes form a Kyve Pool. Each node must stake to participate and abide by the Kyve consensus and security mechanisms to ensure rewards, and prevent penalisation.

Kyve also enables query-ability. All logs stored become accessible via a GraphQL interface.

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All datasets processed by nodes are stored on Arweave, a storage blockchain ensuring permanence.


Data Lake

Store validated and processed data into a decentralised database that can be queried to empower a dApp, analytics and business intelligence.

Data Pipeline

Produce a data stream from any source, whether it be a social network app or a gaming platform.

Data-intensive apps and nodes

Offload your application storage requirements to a decentralised network.

Do more with data in Web3