The Shift in Log Store Network’s Data Storage Strategy

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As we journeyed through the development and deployment of the Log Store Network, guided by the principles outlined in Streamr’s SIP-13, and evolving to support SIP-19, we initially anchored our efforts on the principle of censorship resistance. This principle, achieved through immutable storage of real-time data, was seen as fundamental to preserving the integrity of data protocols amid the swiftly changing contours of the digital and blockchain landscapes.

Our path, however, has been one of continuous evolution, driven by engagement with blockchain innovators and in-depth research into verifiable data pipelines. These are core components repeatedly crafted for diverse applications, leading us to a crucial insight. The value of a data protocol does not solely rest on its ability to resist censorship but on its flexibility and optionality. This is further underscored through recent technological strides within the Ethereum Blockchain, such as EIP-4844 and the Dencun release. These innovations introduce a “blob space” for ephemeral data storage, allowing the temporary storage of critical Layer 2 Rollup data and metadata, a departure from the previous permanence mandated by ‘calldata’.

This journey of discovery prompted us to refine our understanding of two key concepts: censorship resistance and tamper resistance. The former focuses on preventing external interference with data, while the latter ensures the data remains unaltered and authentic. This distinction is vital as it shifts our focus towards ensuring data integrity across all systems, centralized or decentralized.

With the Streamr Network’s inherent tamper-resistant capabilities lighting our way, we saw an opportunity to reposition the Log Store Network. No longer solely a vessel for permanent storage, it has been transformed into a dynamic, temporary-first solution for real-time data storage and availability. This pivot streamlines the integration with the Streamr Network’s data availability needs but also concentrates our efforts on refining and enhancing the Log Store Network’s features. Through this, we aim to bolster the technology’s value and utility.

Emphasizing tamper resistance over immutable permanence enables the Log Store Network to serve as a versatile, immediate resource within the Streamr ecosystem, reflecting our commitment to harnessing technology to meet the evolving demands of the digital age. Details on the scope of immutability within the Log Store Network can be found in the Log Store Lightpaper.

Streamr Storage ++ with the Log Store Network

With this strategic shift in product design, we are excited to announce a significant evolution in the Log Store Network – seamless compatibility with the Streamr Network. This initiative underscores our dedication to innovation and proactive response to the ever-evolving demands of the blockchain ecosystem.

The Log Store Network now surfaces within the Streamr Network as a Storage Node.

This translates to unprecedented simplicity and efficiency for developers entrenched in the Streamr ecosystem. This upgrade removes the need for integrating new SDKs, interfaces, or libraries to ensure secure and reliable data stream storage on the Log Store Network. The “Virtual” Storage Node seamlessly masquerades as a standard Storage Node within the Streamr Network, allowing for straightforward assignment of streams for storage. Yet, it uniquely encapsulates the Log Store Network, presenting a unified, decentralized, and fault-tolerant data availability network fully harmonized with Streamr’s existing storage management interfaces.

We aim for this development to lay a critical foundation for a seamless data availability layer across the Streamr Network, empowering developers with the necessary tools to pioneer the next generation of decentralized applications that leverage real-time data storage, whether temporary or permanent.

Learn more about the integration, by visiting the Log Store Documentation.

To review how it works in practice, a Tutorial is available for you to view.

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Streamr is building the real-time data protocol of the decentralized web. This includes a scalable, low-latency, and secure P2P Network for data delivery and exchange. As part of the vision, Streamr is working on a decentralized chat application, data marketplace, and other dApps. The project was started by real-time data veterans with backgrounds in algorithmic trading and finance markets. Streamr is being built by contributors from around the world and was crowdfunded via ICO with $30M in October 2017. To learn more, visit


Usher Labs is activating verifiability in off-chain data and processes. The objective is to enable verifiable transparency into data pipelines converting metrics, signals, and off-chain interactions with Web2 systems and operations into verified on-chain outcomes. The Log Store Network is the solution, an infrastructure for proof generation and data availability of real-time cryptographic verifiable attestations.

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