We’re sunsetting operations for Usher Referrals, however, the project’s source code is available on GitHub for you to explore and deploy for your own Web3 referral marketing requirements.

The open-source Partnerships Platform

Incentivise partners to drive action to your Web/Mobile App, Backend Services, Smart Contracts, or Social Pages

Revenue growth

Seamlessly track and manage your performance-based partnerships using Smart Contract & Web events as conversion triggers.

Every time a specific action is taken within your contract or dApp, it will automatically reward Partners and provide you with real-time data and insights on the performance of your partnerships.

Partner incentives can drive action in nearly all Web3 verticals

NFTs (Art, Fashion)

Reward referrals to your NFT Collection.

Web3 Infrastructure
(Blockchains / Protocols)

Incentivise partners to refer wallets to submit transactions.

Digital Wallets

Increase installations, funds and transactions associated to your technology.

Decentralised Finance

Reward for referrals to your dApp or Crypto Protocol when users swap, stake (or anything else).


Commission partners for selling and promoting tickets to virtual events, or digital real-estate.


Share rewards with partners that grow gaming economies or establish promotional partnerships where rewards are distributed based on generated impressions.

Getting started is easy

Create a Campaign
Define your conversion events, whether they're Smart Contract events or web-based events.
Choose your Reward
Determine the reward token and a flat or percentage-based reward rate. Reward in ETH, MATIC, your own Token, or even an NFT.
Partners Onboard
Usher is continuously working to expose your Campaigns to the most suitable partners across the web.
Partners will refer and resell your technology. Top up your Campaign's rewards and sit back.

❤️ from the internet of value

“Usher is an interesting solution for a win-win relationship between users and community builders on the Permaweb.”

Axel @cromatikap


“We’re excited about Usher and how it aligns community members’ incentives with onboarding new users into the permaweb through a clever ecosystem-native mechanism.”

Tate Berenbaum


“A token referral solution is the logical next step for the network already home to Web3’s strongest communities.”

Brennan Lamey