We’re sunsetting operations for Usher Referrals, however, the project’s source code is available on GitHub for you to explore and deploy for your own Web3 referral marketing requirements.

Cultivate loyalty

Usher is a new way to reward loyal fans with tradeable points — and it’s free!

Let’s get your loyalty program up and running

Fans to evangelists

Reward your fans with points for engagement, action and referrals

Drive affiliate link usage

Reward visits to links

Reward social shares

Reward referrals

Reward merch purchases

Drive newsletter subcriptions

Superfans are super smart

Points can be traded for Crypto allowing your supporters to earn from their love, and your funders to keep up with your drops.

Unlock perks & benefits for super fans who redeem their points.

Share exclusive content

Offer a Cameo

Accept direct messages

Offer Promo Codes

Send branded NFTs

Sell Token-gated Merch

Creator cleverness

Earn royalties when your fan points are traded — open a new revenue stream.

Think outside the box.
Get started today — it’s free