Prove off-chain data validity

Usher is developing technology to enhance the transparency of off-chain data validity and quality.

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Oracle Security

Oracle Networks currently pull custom data from centralised sources that could be compromised.

Usher’s technology aims to solve this.

Off-chain Web3 Automation

Automate Smart Contract interactions through tests to prove data validity & consistency.

Centralised computation & storage

Perform large computational jobs and process data on centralised infrastructure. Then bring that data on-chain in a verified manner through provable data validity.


Phase 1


Create zk-Test technology to secure custom off-chain data used within oracle networks.

For network operation, operate privately ensuring all capabilities are delivered on and security withstands simulated attacks.

Phase 2


Govern the network via the DAO, vote for protocol updates and DAO treasury allocations.

Phase 3


Invite vetted validators to operate nodes in a private manner to prevent abuse and ensure safe deployment of the node network.

Phase 4


Open up the operation of nodes to the public in a permissionless fashion such that participation requires the investment and stake of USH and KYVE tokens.

Do more with data in Web3