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Collect, distribute and store real-time verifiable data

The Log Store is a node-to-network infrastructure that ensures the decentralized management of cryptographic attestations, whether first or third-party signals and messages or data sourced from TLS-enabled HTTP endpoints, such as sensitive financial and KYC information.

At its core, it enables transparency through verifiability. Public and private data’s origins, history, and authenticity can be verified and trusted to de-risk your blockchain application.

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Research & Projects

Aggregate liquidity from various blockchains for subsequent non-custodial data-driven asset management.

Usher Labs is working closely with the Streamr Network to evolve their Storage facility powered by the Log Store Network.

Obtain attestations about the authenticity of custom, real-word or blockchain data, and then propagate these proofs to destination blockchains for app-specific cross-chain functionality.

Mark your data streams for permanent storage to Arweave. Publish data over Streamr with a guarantee of data immutability by the Kyve Network.

Track gas prices across multiple blockchain networks. Great for CLIs and Web3 Infrastructure — get an overview of fees from various sources and RPCs in real time.
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On-chain Transparency Verification (Coming Soon)

Verifiable transparency for Stellar Anchors, reducing reliance on trust, increasing security and accountability, and de-risking engagement.