Activate verifiability in off-chain data and processes

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Solutions through verifiable transparency

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Real-world Assets and Operations

Elevate transparency in real-world data and operations, where verifiable proofs and privacy preservation transform everything from document contract authenticity to traditional Web2 KYC verifications into undeniable trust.
Streamr storage

Verifiable Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate and authenticate data from IoT, DePIN, Web3, or centralized systems, converting diverse metrics into actionable on-chain outcomes for digital asset management.

Blockchain oracle

Oracle Security

Prevent oracle manipulation by employing off-chain data tamper-resistance, and implementing tailored measures such as verifiable market manipulation detection, or automated, authenticated emergency pauses.
Data streams

Custom Oracles

Power your data-driven blockchain applications with secure custom oracles and private or custom verifiable data, offering unparalleled control over the sensitive data supply chain and protection against public protocol vulnerabilities.
Usher Labs excels in integrating off-chain data with blockchain technology, enhancing data verifiability and trustworthiness for secure wealth and asset management operations. Our collaboration with leading entities across sectors bridges the trust gap in data utilization, ensuring reliable and transparent solutions for sensitive operations in a data-driven world.