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Secure Web3 with trusted data

Usher Labs is an R&D firm enhancing user trust in data and digital asset management.

Partnerships across various sectors

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Blockchain trust only goes so far

Blockchains enforce cryptographic security. However, this protection does not extend beyond the blockchain. This poses a significant issue for Web3 apps that use data to manage digital assets.

So, how can we ensure our digital assets are safe if they’re managed by data prone to risk?

Due to the lack of transparency, users must trust brands to handle their data and digital assets. This centralises assumed trust over data.

Usher Labs extends blockchain’s trust and security into systems beyond the blockchain. Our goal is to secure digital asset management. This is achieved through data protocols.

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“In order to really build trust, you have to have transparency” — Source / 2

Building blocks for data protocols

A data protocol is a set of rules and standards enforced on data received and processed by a blockchain.

1. Decentralise Trust

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Decentralise real-time data storage, access, and delivery powered by the Streamr Network. Capture, verify, and trace activity across any device, application, or software system. Launch:
  1. shared network observability,
  2. IoT data availability,
  3. or system transparency
Think of it as IPFS with persistent identifiers for real-time data streams.

2. Minimise Trust

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Invite Only

Maximise user trust and mitigate data security risks with advanced ZK and MPC cryptography. Ensure verifiable and privacy-preserving transparency in data flow, sources, security, and processing. Authenticate external data on any blockchain and enhance trust analysis.

Gain insights and enforce trust where it is established and maintained. Achieve clarity on all aspects and claims on data and systems beyond the blockchain.

3. Analyse Trust

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Analyse your data-centric app-chain and data protocols with Usher Labs’ advanced technology suite. Gain insights into the health and security of your infrastructure. Capture, verify, and analyse metrics from node operators, fourth-party data sources, and the intricate flow of trust.

Stay informed with Usher Labs’ upcoming analysis of trust in various data protocols, Oracles, and blockchains. Navigate the complex landscape of Web3 with confidence and clarity.

Focus on creating trustworthy decentralised systems and data protocol

Usher Labs’ technologies abstract security, verifiability, and transparency from data management.