2022 Recap

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It’s been quite the learning curve for Usher’s first year. We’ve gotten to engage with awesome companies about affiliate marketing, work with new nascent technologies and networks to build an affiliate marketing dApp, win a few hackathons, meet fantastic people from people in investments to new candidates with awesome talents, businesses engaging our product, friends within the market sector, brainstorm how link-sharing and rewards should fundamentally work in Web3 and discover what technologies are missing to decentralise a data-intensive dApp like Usher. We also had our first proposal for new technology accepted by the Streamr Network and can’t wait to see where we go next!

Usher is evolving

After a year of hard work and dedication, we’re proud to announce that we’re open-sourcing an interface to our service. We believe that this will allow developers to build affiliate marketing and powerful link-sharing capabilities directly into their dApps.

We’re also excited about upcoming features such as:

  • Sharing links simply and collecting data
    Whether it be about tracking clicks, or about the collection of wallet addresses and socials
  • Sharing special Smart Contracts with your partners
    Track how your partners and/or their communities engage with your Smart Contracts.
  • Collaborate with others to collect & share data

Usher is researching

As we approach the end of 2022, we’re getting closer to bringing you a whole new way to track data. You’ll soon be able to add event tracking within your open dApps, or Node Networks—where data is collected into decentralised storage for open collaboration on analytics.

We’re also supporting the drafting of a white paper for a decentralised data platform that will deliver verifiable totally custom data to Smart Contracts. This way we can use custom data and off-chain compute to automate non-custodial asset management and blockchain updates.

The goal is to simplify the way Web3 businesses gather and securely utilise their partner data to manage digital asset allocations in their very own Smart Contracts.

Usher’s outlook on the Blockchain Industry

With the cryptocurrency market in its infancy, it is hard to judge crypto’s fate in the long-term future. However, based on this data and analysis of future trends, we can make an educated guess about what might happen over the next decade.

As for me, I’m optimistic. I think blockchain technology will continue to be adopted by mainstream companies and institutions, and that decentralisation is becoming more important as a guiding principle for the future development of this nascent industry.

The FTX collapse was bad for the industry, however, highlighted the importance of decentralisation and why the industry is required to maximise verifiability across every interaction with digital assets. CBDC research also indicates further future adoption of blockchain technology, but it is trending toward centralisation for the purpose of widespread utility and endorsement by government bodies and conglomerates. The crypto community needs to be aware that decentralisation is more important now than ever to maintain the integrity of the industry.

Blockchain technology will continue its adoption by the mainstream, but in a way where people don’t even realise they’re using it. The real potential of blockchain technology lies in its ability to disrupt industries and create efficiencies. People will continue to use traditional fiat currencies in addition to cryptocurrencies for many years to come. The vast majority of people still have no idea how blockchain works or how it can improve their lives, and will likely not need to. An analogy to grasp this is through JPEGs. While they power much of Instagram and other Social Networks, the majority of users do not even know what it stands for.

It is important to remember that blockchain technology and decentralisation are not just about cryptocurrencies. There are uses outside of digital assets, including supply chain management, governance and voting systems, data storage and more.

The holidays are among us!

We hope you’re all preparing for a safe and happy holidays! 🎄🕯🎉

We appreciate you all for participating in our Discord Server and following us on Twitter, and for those of you supporting us along the way. Your support means the world to us, and we’re looking forward to seeing what this community can do together in the future.

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