Announcing Programs: embed Partner Programs and Community Coordination

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The promise of Web3 technology is to enable independent applications to cooperate on the same shared dataset. This is a step in a different direction from the traditional centralised software services we’re aware of today whereby each service is a silo for its own user information.

Shared datasets are apparent as per the engagement with prominent blockchains, however, decentralised data networks like Ceramic, Arweave and IPFS have enabled a more cost-effective way to democratise the data without imposing high gas per transaction requirements.

Sharing a dataset means that each application can yield additional value when each integrated application contributes to the shared dataset. This is apparent in a blockchain’s network effect, whereby a blockchain is only as valuable as the underlying application and economic ecosystem.

Delivering a data network that empowers Web3 brands with the capability to yield insights from data and manage rewards for referral campaigns requires appropriate interfaces.

While the Usher dApp is currently being improved and developed to offer data collection and community coordination features, applications that wish to embed these features in their own dApps need an appropriate library or SDK.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Programs, a new open-source library which will enable developers to integrate decentralised Partner Programs and Community Coordination into their applications.

What’s in Programs?

The Programs code repository is comprised of packages that can be used to

  1. enable your users to interface directly with Ceramic and Usher APIs, whereby users own their own critical data.
  2. create and deploy your own referral Campaigns on Usher

Interfacing with Ceramic requires that each user generate their own DID. Usher Programs include an Authentication package to expedite this step, abstracting the use of Wallet & Social Connections to produce said DIDs.

While Programs currently supports the creation of partnerships and their associated shareable invite links for Campaigns, it will be further improved to incorporate link creation simply for data collection such that said data can be shared with the application developer integrating with Usher.

To learn more about Usher Programs, please visit the repository:

If this potential for open integration has piqued your interest, be sure to give the library a star! ⭐️

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