Hello world!

An introduction to our Blog and to Usher. If you read this post, we'll take it as your salutation πŸ‘‹

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Welcome to Usher and to our first new post on our Blog.

We’re extremely happy to have you on our website.

We don’t want to rush this awesome thing we have culminating here, but if you’re interested, our Discord Community is waiting on your arrival!

There we can continue the discourse on our research into how on-chain & off-chain environments are merging and what the implications of custom existing off-chain data sources mean for DeFi and other digital asset-driven economies.

Beyond this research and development in Web3 infrastructure, explore with us how referrals and rewards can be leveraged by Web3 Brands for new growth mechanisms, to stimulate their communities and to offer a completely new paradigm to onboarding the next wave of developers to given blockchain or Web3 technology.

All this is unpacked with Usher.

And in case you didn’t think we meant it, we love that you’re here ❀️

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