Usher: A New Future of Referral Programs for Web3 and Web2 Businesses

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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, businesses are constantly searching for new ways to acquire customers and generate revenue. One of the most effective ways to do this is through referral programs, which incentivize existing customers or partners to refer new customers to a business. Referral programs can be particularly effective for Web3 and Web2 businesses, where network effects play a significant role in driving growth.

However, not all referral programs are created equal. Traditional referral programs often rely on intermediaries such as payment processors or affiliate networks, which can be costly and lack transparency. That’s where Usher comes in – Usher is a decentralized referral platform that enables businesses to deploy their own referral program without the need for intermediaries.

So what makes Usher different from other referral platforms, and why should businesses consider deploying Usher Core for their Web3 or Web2 business? Here are a few key features that set Usher apart:

Open source: Usher is open source, meaning that businesses can deploy their own Usher Core node and invite their own communities to become partners on their referral network. This enables businesses to have complete control over their referral programs, without the need for intermediaries. Beyond this, an open-source referrals platform enables massive customisation and cost management capabilities.

Decentralization: Usher Core is currently semi-decentralized. Partners own their data, and campaign terms are provably immutable. However, Usher is actively researching and developing new decentralized infrastructure to truly and fully decentralize Usher’s referral graph and remittance processes. When ready, Usher’s referral graph will be built entirely on blockchain technology, which means that referral and conversion events are recorded immutably and transparently on the blockchain. This ensures that partners are rewarded fairly and that there is no possibility of fraud or manipulation.

Cryptocurrency rewards: Rewards paid to partners on Usher are managed in cryptocurrency, which provides several benefits over traditional payment methods. Cryptocurrency payments are faster, cheaper, and more secure than traditional payment methods, which can be especially beneficial for Web3 businesses.

Flexible commission structure: Usher enables businesses to set their own commission structure for their referral program, which can be customized based on the specific needs of the business. This provides businesses with more flexibility in designing their referral program and can help to incentivize partners to refer more customers.

Third-party integrations: Usher can integrate with other Web3 applications, such as decentralized exchanges, lending platforms, or any Smart Contract. This enables businesses to reward partners for referring customers to these platforms, which can help to drive more traffic and activity to their business. The open-source nature of Usher makes it extremely straightforward to integrate into your internal systems, social platforms, or any other API-enabled software service.

Overall, Usher provides a unique and powerful solution for businesses looking to deploy their own referral program. By leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency rewards, Usher enables businesses to have complete control over their referral program and provides a more transparent and secure way to manage partner rewards.

If you’re a Web3 or Web2 business looking to drive growth and acquire new customers, deploying Usher Core could be the solution you’ve been looking for. With its open-source platform, flexible commission structure, and semi-decentralized approach, Usher provides a more transparent and secure way to manage your referral program. And with their ongoing efforts to develop new decentralized infrastructure, Usher is poised to usher in a new future of referral programs for businesses in the Web3 and Web2 space.

To develop with Usher see our documentation, and if you’re on Github, give us a star! ⭐️🙏

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