The Shift in Log Store Network’s Data Storage Strategy

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As we journeyed through the development and deployment of the Log Store Network, guided by the principles outlined in Streamr’s SIP-13, and evolving to support SIP-19, we initially anchored our efforts on the principle of censorship resistance. This principle, achieved through immutable storage of real-time data, was seen as fundamental to preserving the integrity of […]

Enhancing Transparency in the Stellar Ecosystem

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The Stellar Anchors: Gateways Between Traditional Finance and Blockchain Stellar Anchors are crucial bridges in the blockchain ecosystem, facilitating the seamless exchange of fiat currencies into digital assets. By connecting traditional financial systems with the digital realm of blockchain, these centralized platforms enable the flow of real-world assets into the Stellar network, making blockchain technology […]

Usher: A New Future of Referral Programs for Web3 and Web2 Businesses

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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, businesses are constantly searching for new ways to acquire customers and generate revenue. One of the most effective ways to do this is through referral programs, which incentivize existing customers or partners to refer new customers to a business. Referral programs can be particularly effective for Web3 and Web2 […]

Releasing Usher Core Technology as Open Source

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Usher, the partnerships platform that enables brands to incentivize a partner network to drive action to their web/mobile app, backend services, smart contracts, or social pages, is excited to announce the release of its core technology as open source. This move will allow brands to deploy Usher to manage their own private partner network, for […]

Upcoming Partner: Makerdapp

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Exciting news! Usher, is proud to announce our new partnership with an Makerdapp. Makerdapp is an innovative new product that is set to revolutionize the web3 business landscape, making it easier than ever before to develop web3 applications. With Makerdapp, web3 businesses will be able to build and deploy web3 applications in record time, whether […]

Should you collect your community’s Blockchain wallet addresses?


As a community manager, you have the unique opportunity to harness the power of blockchain technology to enhance your community’s engagement and transactions. One of the most effective ways to do this is by capturing and storing your community members’ blockchain wallet addresses. A blockchain wallet address, also known as a public key, is a […]

Announcing Programs: embed Partner Programs and Community Coordination

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The promise of Web3 technology is to enable independent applications to cooperate on the same shared dataset. This is a step in a different direction from the traditional centralised software services we’re aware of today whereby each service is a silo for its own user information. Shared datasets are apparent as per the engagement with […]

2022 Recap

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It’s been quite the learning curve for Usher’s first year. We’ve gotten to engage with awesome companies about affiliate marketing, work with new nascent technologies and networks to build an affiliate marketing dApp, win a few hackathons, meet fantastic people from people in investments to new candidates with awesome talents, businesses engaging our product, friends […]